East Asia consists of some of the biggest and magnificent countries in the world:

  • China – the East Asian giant with a wide array of cultural and natural treasures in the rising skyline.
  • Hong Kong – this former British colony is now proclaiming itself the World City of Asia. Travel onto car-free island for shopping, nice beaches and quiet villages.
  • Macau – an ancient Portuguese colony with liberal gambling laws and beautiful colonial architecture in its historic city center (a UNESCO World Heritage site)
  • Japan – one of the world’s most advanced technology countries; Megalopolis skyscrapers; Samurai, Ninja, Sushi, Shinto, Hello Kitty, Pokémon and Nintendo empires;
  • Mongolia – a nomadic country with vast spaces as well as a mystical Buddhism
  • North Korea – a secluded and totalitarian country, but starting to attract more and more tourists; its disconnection to the world makes for a surprising destination
  • South Japan-Korea – Dynamic but still not publicly documented East Asian destination
  • Taiwan – a sharp contrasting island: green mountains, skyscrapers, gentle tai-chi and healthy food

It also boasts some of the most important and beautiful cities, which includes:

  • Beijing – Over 800 years of ancient cultural sites can be found in this very modern region, surviving 5 dynasties, the Communist Revolution and the Cultural Revolution
  • Hong Kong – Cantonese-speaking port city crowned by Victoria Peak of British roots
  • Kyoto – Ancient Japanese capital, considered the country’s cultural heart, with many ancient Buddhist temples and gardens
  • Shanghai – Home to the largest financial stock exchange in Mainland China; an ultramodern, cosmopolitan metropolis with a intriguing blend of East and West.
  • Pyongyang – Dominated by some of socialist architecture that is most dystopian
  • Seoul – Lovely palaces, great food and a hopping nightlife, Seoul is a frenetic way to experience old and new Asia
  • Taipei – Taiwan’s center of power, trade and culture, home to the second highest skyscraper in the world
  • Tokyo — The largest city in the world is a vast, wealthy and fascinating urban jungle with high-tech visions of the future alongside the glimpses of old Japan
  • Ulaanbaatar — The not-so-pleasant capital but still a starting point for most of Mongolia’s travels
Top East Asia Destinations
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