Made up of 18 countries (13 out of the 18 are part of the Arab world), the Middle East has known its share of wars and conflicts. Due to this fact, it is probably the least-traveled region in the world – something that needs to change!

The majority of the countries in the Middle East are Muslim and have strict rules that men and women have to follow. When packing your bags, make sure you dress conservatively to show respect to the local people and read up on each country’s rules, so you don’t accidentally break any laws.

For budget travelers, destinations like Turkey and Iran are some of the cheapest countries in the region. IsraelJordan, and Qatar are slightly more expensive countries to visit.

With some of the world’s greatest desert scenery, snow-capped peaks, and lush valleys, hip cities, and world-class diving along the Red Sea and Arabian Sea coasts, there is no dull moment in the Middle East.

Top Middle East Destinations
Turkey travel guide
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